oh, are you on a diet?

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Health

If I could lose a pound every time I’ve heard the phrase, “Oh, you’re on a diet?” I’d weigh nothing! When did paying attention to what you eat become the abnormality? I used to just answer, “Yup, I’m on a diet.” That was easier than trying to explain that I don’t “diet’ in the sense they are thinking. I choose to eat certain foods (along with choosing to not eat others), therefore I spend a bit more time planning my meals, shopping and deciding what I’m going to eat when visiting a restaurant. No one questions anyone who sits in the McDonald’s drive-thru daily. Yes, sometimes you’ll even find me sitting in that McDonald’s line! Regardless, I “try” to stick to clean eating. In other words – I try and stay away from processed food. I focus most of my time on the outside isles of the grocery store. Buying fresh produce and meat. If you want to learn more about clean eating, check out “Clean Eating 101” over at The Gracious Pantry. It’s a good read.

agfa mcdonalds drive thru


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